Slingshot Theatre create original and unforgettable comic theatre, touring nationally and internationally with our unique take on mask, physical comedy and fresh new writing. The raucous energy and wild interactivity of our work is designed to appeal to anyone over the age of 10, however we keep a special place in our hearts for 13-19 year olds, otherwise known as the 'deserted demographic'.  

We champion the use of Mask in British theatre, collaborating with some of the country's most talented practitioners and mask-makers in this too easily forgotten art form.  

Out of our goal of performance springs our educational workshops for young people and laboratories for theatre professionals in our foundational discipline, the Commedia dell’ Arte.

Finally, we seek to benefit the UK with theatre work it otherwise would not have the opportunity to see, at a price it can afford. As a non-for-profit Limited Company we survive on support from arts funding, grants and individual donations. We love theatre. 
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"...and with his slingshot in his hand, he approached the Philistine..."